Guimaraes Rosa


Greetings [auf Englisch] to alles!
I am quite pleased to see there is a Rosa Site. Recently I spend some time reading a large portion of "Grande Sertao" . . .I only had it for a couple of weeks [thereabouts] received durch Interlibrary Loan but I did manage to get a greater comprehension of some of the Principle Themes of the novel and how the character Diodorim [sp?] is developed throughout the book. I read the book in its entirety about 40 years ago . . .but really did not comprehend much at all. I have heard Portaguese [sp?] literary critics say that "G.S." [vide supra] is untranslatable due to the high incidence of local dialect/slang in the book . . .the kind of "bastard" style as some would call it.
I also enjoy many of Rosa's short stories [a genre of which he is truly ein Meister/Magister in my opinion. I envy those who speak/read Portuguese for their being able to get into much closer contact with this Great Dichter than I shall ever know.
I'll work on mein Deutsch to write more in that Sprache hier. Mehr spaeter.

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