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Khalil Gibran spiegelt mein Leben vor   (Saturday, 12 Apr 2003 20:41)

Recently I picked up copy of the Everyman edition of Gibran . . .it's a huge collection of Gibran's works. And now for the first time [although my mother had a copy of "The Prophet" with onionskin illustrations by Gibran the whole time I was growing up], I can see the genius [much akin to William Blake's but much more clearer in my opinion] of Gibrans works such as "The Madman", "The Forerunner", "Sand and Foam", and "The Prophet". The difference between my present reading and the skimming over "The Prophet" when I was boy/youth/young man is my particular life experiences.
I believe that Gibran penetrates to the core of many paradoxes in human behavior especially in regards to Love, Death and Truth and similar profound matters.
I am quite elated that there is a Gibran Site here
Mehr Spaeter . . .don't know the "code" for umlauts so I just add an "e" to some words as You can see.

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